Geographic Information System (GIS) technologies combine computer hardware, software and geographic data in order to develop data, map, manage and analyze geographical information. Government agencies of all sizes can use GIS technologies to represent and analyze data not only as tabular data, but also by using their geographical location as well. This technology can also be used to create and analyze spatial and temporal maps and interactive applications.

NWARPC provides assistance to its members and the general public for mapping and GIS analysis and is developing projects, plans and data analysis ranging from transportation to environment and demographic analysis at a regional scale utilizing GIS technologies. NWARPC recognizes the importance of this technology in the process of decision making, integrating management and planning and is striving to improve its GIS performance and capacity, provide coordination to the GIS community in the region and collaborate with its jurisdiction members, while providing support for the general public.

GIS Comprehensive Services:

  • Comprehensive Plans and Revisions
  • Zoning Ordinances
  • Subdivision Regulations
  • Transit Analysis/Studies
  • Regional Transportation Plans
  • Regional Data Development
  • Redistricting Assistance
  • Grant Writing and Administration
  • Census Data Coordination
  • Base Maps (City, County and Region)
  • Annexation Assistance
  • Flood Insurance Maps
  • Land Use Planning
  • Master Street Plans
  • Trail Plans
  • Environmental Studies Coordination
  • Aerial Imagery Acquisition and Quality Assurance
  • GIS Assistance and Coordination
  • Public Information