Northwest Arkansas Regional Planning Commission


NWARPC Standing Committees:

Technical Advisory Committee And Northwest Arkansas Regional Planning Commission/Policy Committee

A primary activity of NWARPC is its function as the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) for Northwest Arkansas and a portion of McDonald County in Missouri. The MPO has two permanent committees, the Northwest Arkansas Regional Planning Commission/Policy Committee (RPC/Policy Committee) and the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC). The RPC/Policy Committee is the principal decision-making body for the MPO and consists of the member jurisdictions’ chief elected official and/or other appointed representatives. The TAC develops the technical aspects of plans and reports and makes recommendations to the RPC/Policy Committee. TAC members are usually professionals who are involved in the technical side of transportation. The TAC and RPC/Policy Committee make up the Northwest Arkansas Regional Transportation Study (NARTS). The NARTS is an identifying name used by the Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department (AHTD) to distinguish the NWARPC MPO from other MPOs within the state.

Additional information on meeting dates and times can be found on the NWARPC Calendar.

TAC Meeting Minutes:

RPC/Policy Meeting Minutes:


Northwest Arkansas Active Transportation Committee

The Northwest Arkansas Active Transportation Committee (ACT) started in mid-2000s with open participation from cities, counties and local organizations and citizens who were interested in promoting on and off road trails in Northwest Arkansas. The ACT began to hold regular meetings at the NWARPC office in the spring of 2009 and focused initially on identifying where and how long the trail system in Benton and Washington Counties was and accurately mapping the trails so that the group could get an overall, regional view of the Northwest Arkansas trail system. In 2014 the ACT identified the main types of trails and routes represented on the regional map and compiled a definition for each type of trail. Additionally, a database with a standard attribute table was created so that all trails across the system would be categorized the same. The ACT was instrumental in the development of the Northwest Arkansas Regional Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan. For information on the ACT meeting dates and times please go to the Calendar; for information on the Northwest Arkansas Regional Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan please go to the Bicycle and Pedestrian link.