Performance Measures

MAP-21/FAST Act established a performance and outcome-based program. NWARPC, AHTD and MoDOT are required to develop plans and programs that help achieve the national goals for (1) Safety, (2) Infrastructure Condition, (3) Congestion Reduction, (4) System Reliability, (5) Freight Movement and Economic Vitality, (6) Environmental Sustainability, and (7) Reduced Project Delivery Delays.

Over the next several years, final rules on performance measures and targets will be published by FHWA and FTA. MoDOT, AHTD, and NWARPC will continue to work together to identify measures and develop systems/ methodologies to implement performance-based transportation planning and programming.

NWARPC 2040 MTP Goals Potential 2040 MTP System Measures
Preserve and Maintain Infrastructure Maintain the existing and planned transportation system
through ongoing maintenance, rehabilitation, reconstruction, and/or
Bridge Condition on NHS Pavement Condition on NHS Transit
Bus/Fleet Age/Condition
Improve safety Increase transportation safety for all modes of travel Serious Injures per VMT Fatalities per VMT Number of
Serious Injuries per 100K Pop Number of Fatalities per 100K Pop
Reduce Congestion Improve Reliability Maximize the capacity and reliability of existing
facilities on regionally significant routes and minimize the need for new
Volume Delay Per Mile on CMP Congestion Index on CMP
Travel Time Index on CMP
Improve Regional Mobility Increase transportation mobility and accessibility for
both persons and freight, thus promoting economic vitality in the region.
Miles of Complete Streets Miles of roadways with Access
Management Number of Bike and Pedestrian Catalyst Projects Miles of improved
Arterial Network % population served by public transit with 1/4 mile Unlinked
Trips per Passenger Mile (Transit, NTD) Unlinked Trips per Revenue Hour
(Transit, NTD)
Protect the Environment To enhance the performance of the transportation system
while protecting and enhancing the natural environment.
Number of Jurisdictions with drainage criteria manuals Number
of jurisdictions with Karst BMP’s Cave Springs Recharge Area