Transit Development Plan

  • The 2010 Transit Development Plan was developed in order to create a “blue-print” for expanding transit services in the Northwest Arkansas region and highlighted service improvements recommendations for three periods:
  • The Near-Term Plan reflecting Years 1-2 of the 10-year TDP time period. No additional funds have been assumed for transit during this time period. Thus, near-term recommendations focus on cost neutral service adjustments that will increase efficiency.
  • The Short-Range Plan reflecting Years 3-5 of the TDP. The TDP assumes additional funds are available for transit during this time period. Recommendations reflect the transition of the existing limited transit network to a more robust regional network.
  • The Long-Range Plan reflecting Years 6-10 of the TDP. Recommendations reflect the continued growth of transit services, with expanded geographic coverage, longer spans of service on routes and the introduction of weekend service.

The TDP recommendations were based on a thorough analysis of the existing conditions and also had an extensive public input and public survey components. In addition to the standard public outreach process, the consultants also conducted a transit Ridecheck Survey on 100 percent of the ORT and Razorback fixed-route service (Boardings and Alightings by stop, trip, and route) and also an On-Board Survey for trip data (origin, destination, trip purpose) and demographics. The on-board survey was also utilized in the enhancement of the Travel Demand Forecasting for the mode choice validation, as the best available data for this purpose. In the Blue-Print for model enhancement, delivered by Parsons Brinkerhoff in 2015, the need for a more adequate on-board survey was identified in support of modeling existing transit. This survey would collect more information about access and egress modes, transfer information, time of day or certain traveler characteristics necessary in order to expand it in the dimensions necessary for detailed mode choice calibration. An updated, model-focused on-board survey was identified as a need. This on-board survey could be developed in an update of the Transit Development Plan. The current updated model now has the capability to model scenarios that would include increasing service on all existing transit routes, increasing service on select routes, adding new routes and also changing existing routes.

Here you can find the Final Report of the Plan and the below you can view the associated eight Technical Memorandum documents: NWARPC – TDP Final Report

  1. Documentation of Staff Input
  2. Documentation of Public Input
  3. Ridecheck Survey Methodology and Results
  4. On-Board Survey Methodology and Results
  5. Existing Service Evaluation
  6. Latent Demand Analysis
  7. Service Plan Recommendations
  8. Financial Analysis