The planning activities and services of the NWARPC benefit local governments in the region in several ways. In many instances, the activities of the NWARPC are prerequisite to the eligibility of federal project funds for local governments. NWARPC serves the best interests of the public and private sectors by promoting intergovernmental cooperation; communicating, collaborating, and facilitating regional initiatives; and sharing information and fostering dialog on solutions to regional problems. Funds contributed by member governments are matched with various federal and state grants which enable the NWARPC to undertake many of the following activities. Many of these services are provided as part of the overall operations of the NWARPC staff, while others are provided on a contract basis with consultants negotiated to benefit member governments.

Regional Planning

A major emphasis of the NWARPC is regional, multi-jurisdictional planning, including the following:

  • Regional Comprehensive Planning
  • Special corridor and multi-jurisdictional studies
  • Water quality and other environmental management planning
  • Distribution of program information and regulations
  • Regional Clearinghouse Review

Community Planning

  • General community plans to meet local, state, and/or federal needs
  • Assist in the preparation of comprehensive development plans, master street plans, open space and recreation plans
  • Zoning Ordinances and maps and other community development strategies
  • Subdivision Regulations
  • Draft proposed bylaws, performance standards, overlay districts, etc.
  • Land use surveys and land use planning
  • Preparation or updates of municipal base maps and provision of maps to municipal/county officials as requested
  • Annexation studies and legal description assistance including mapping

Information Services

  • The NWARPC serves as the Arkansas State Data Center affiliate for the region.
  • U.S. Census Bureau demographic data, as well as other information, is available upon request
  • Population estimates and population projections for local jurisdictions
  • U.S. Census Boundary maps

Special Projects

  • Facilitate and coordinate training sessions, seminars, meetings to implement the NWA Regional Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan and the NWA Open Space Plan
  • Prepare feasibility studies
  • Assist or prepare grant pre-applications and applications and perform coordination and administration of grants, including data compilation and processing, seeking endorsements, public participation programs, project management and other administrative processes required by the granting agency
  • School District and Legislative redistricting

Forum For Discussion

In addition to direct planning assistance, NWARPC also serves as a form for discussion. In this capacity NWARPC:

  • Initiates discussion and seeks to develop consensus on issues of regional significance
  • Identifies and encourages measures to mitigate potential adverse impacts of project on the proposed locality and region
  • Acts as a liaison between municipalities/counties and other governmental agencies